Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Thinner than air it might be, but how long could you live without it?

Isn't it a fact that , wherever there is communication, in any form of it, there exists some sort of meaning?
Well, my thoughts, for a rather long while were focused on "meaning".On What it is, I mean, what is its essence? How does it emerge? And how would it feel without it?
I could only briefly understand the answer to the last question, which is not even communicable(and I believe it's not imaginable even if I could somehow explain it).
Anyhow, it didn't stop there. I was recently watching some TV show, in which some people healed patients with some severe diseases. I'd also seen in person (years ago) some sufis' self-mutilation without any further marks on their bodies. It might seem irrelevant at first, but it left me dazed for a long time, that how could it be, that doing the same thing causes me bleed and even die, but for them, it doesn't create even a slight sign of disturbance.

Now, I don't know if it's an established theory or an obvious fact, but it came to my notice only recently, that maybe, meaning is not exclusive to human beings. it comes in different levels, and defined for every group of species(different forms of life) probably different from each other. Animals, plants (also I've read about some studies regarding plants understanding emotions, which again, is a level of communication) and even cells,  communicate it at some level.
Then the sufi, in a way(even unconsciously) might be capable of communicating with the sub-parts of his body, namely the cells and could interact with them in a way we, normal people, can't. And so does the healer.