Monday, 24 January 2011

this is old.. I wrote it long ago..

I was browsing in wikipedia again.. looking for the definition of "lie" and I found this:
"A lie is an untruthful statement made to someone else with the intention to deceive. To lie is to say something one believes to be false with the intention that it be taken for the truth by someone else.
A lie involves the use of conventional truthbearers, (i.e., statements in words or symbols) and not natural signs. Intentional deceit involving natural signs, such as wearing a wig, shamming a limp, or wearing a fake arm cast, is not usually classed as "lying", but as "deception".
A true statement may be a lie. If the person who makes the true statement genuinely believes it to be false, and makes the statement with the intention that his audience believe it to be true, then this is a lie (see Jean-Paul Sartre, Le Mur (1937)). When a person lies he or she necessarily is untruthful, but he or she is not necessarily making an untrue statement."

I think There's a 3rd way to it ,that you neither lie nor tell the truth. I wonder how would Sartre and others  explain something like that. I don't know why , but most of people tend to give Lie a larger definition than truth. But if we begin to look fuzzy, this kind of statement is merely ambiguous, and it's up to the recipient to disambiguate it.

Nevertheless, to me.. lie is deformed , ambiguity is polymorphic, and truth is always well-shaped, even in its ugliest form!

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Lost inside..

Men flow into life, and ebb into death.

Some are filled with life;
Some are empty with death;
Some hold fast to life, and thereby perish,
For life is an abstraction.

Those who are filled with life
Need not fear tigers and rhinos in the wilds,
Nor wear armour and shields in battle;
The rhinoceros finds no place in them for its horn,
The tiger no place for its claw,
The soldier no place for a weapon,
For death finds no place in them.
somewhere inside..I guess I'm filled with life.. but I'm lost ..inside! 
looking for some answers...
looking...for some help

Sunday, 16 January 2011

127 hours

I watched this movie three times in the past couple of days,even though I had maths final exam yesterday and I have syntax tomorrow (I'm a student of Computational linguistics btw,in case you were wondering!)
I'm an amateur boulderer, but this movie motivated me to do it more professionally! I hurt my knee on a wall about two years ago.. and it's not completely fixed yet.. but what the hell?! I'm not gonna live that long anyways!

Monday, 10 January 2011

If I could only share this feeling..

I have this dream of a morning, waking up to a bright, sunny day, when everywhere is covered with snow, and the sun makes it seem so shiny, and happy!it's very cold, but the sun makes me feel a little warm! everyone is out side playing if , there's no suffering, anywhere! everyone is at peace,and happy!
it feels so great even imagining it!