Wednesday, 14 December 2016

On Cheesiness of Our Lives

It’s 2 am and I cannot sleep. I am thinking about how cheese is taking over our lives and our world.

We, humans, are gradually and consistently becoming cheesy species, and I mean it both literally and figuratively.
I was on Instagram a while ago, checking cooking videos, which always excites me.
After watching for a while, I realized cheese has become a main ingredient in many recipes.. We have, mac and cheese, different types of pizza, different types of pasta with cheese…, even cheese waffles!

I admit, I am a big fan myself. I have several different types of cheese in my fridge, even different packs of a similar kind..I can say that I am addicted to it, and tonight, I am wondering why.
It is not the healthiest ingredient, a mixture of fat and additives, not the best for our health. Yet, our body craves it, our mind wants it. why is that?

Corporations and mass media are mostly to be blamed. Put it simply, it is advertisement that makes it an essential part of our cooking, the enticing cooking videos all over the internet show tempting dishes with cheese in them.. it’s texture, it’s stickiness sticks to the craving part of our brains.
The other, more interesting part of the blaming equation, is the hardwired need for dominance. It seems irrelevant at first glance, I know. But let me elaborate.
You have heard that, like attracts like. In this case, it is not only because our brain is hardwired to ask for more of the same thing, because it is adapted to it(that could be A reason, too), it is that our cells, our brain cells more specifically, are becoming cheesy, the food they have been taking in for some time was made up of cheese, and food, plays an important role in maintaining the cells. No wonder our cheese craving, cheese addicted cells don’t accept steamed vegetables. 
Would it be strange if a congress with the majority of republicans, vote for a republican president, even if he is wrong in every possible way? No, not really.
If you are the majority, you want to remain that way, and that is achieved by keeping dominance and power in your own party, and that means you shouldn’t vote for the competition, be it the healthy steamed vegetables.

That’s why we tend to make cheesy choices. We like to keep things the way they are. When a signal enters the brain, the choices the brain makes is not spontaneous and sudden, rather it is made up of the sum of the mini votes of each cell.

Anyway, this is a cheesy brain talking and it might not be scientifically accurate. but even science is not immune from cheese. haven’t you heard that science is full of false positives, like a spongy cheese, full of holes? It is because of the cheesy minds of the researchers that don’t let them decide clearly between what is expected and well accepted by science and what actually happened.

So beware of what you eat, because it doesn’t just pass through your digestive tract and end up in the sewage, it becomes you. Your body is an amazing manufacture. Still, the input material very much matters in the resulting product. You cannot take in poison and expect the body to end-up healthy. What you eat, makes up your body’s building blocks and then those building blocks decide for you and what to eat next, and if you want to pick cheese, it’s okay, just know that cheese is not a firm enough material to let you stand tall.

And eat everything in moderation. Don’t focus on one or a few things. It helps democracy sustains in your body and no one ingredient dominates and rob the power of you. Eat less aggressive ingredients and believe, it takes a lot of strength and courage to rebel agains a cheesy body, do it before it is too late.