Wednesday, 22 June 2011

My death is so gay(*uncollocated for you)

My death is a guy
Goodlooking and hot
Desirable and what-not
I've had a crush on him for long
Yet he doesn't look, nor does he care!
He's so gay
He's so gay
I follow him..he runs away
I look at him..he turns away
He's so gay
He's so gay
He's so gay
I want him so bad ..tonight and right now!right away..In the bed..while sleep..even awake..whatever he says.. However he wants..but he's not here..never comes too close!
Isn't he so gay?!

Sunday, 19 June 2011


looking at the curtain of my room..for some minutes.. hours maybe, not sure..not thinking about it..merely looking.. until it loses its meaning.. only for a short moment. so scared, yet excited.
getting addicted to its meaninglessness..
but..unlike the rest of the things.. practice doesn't make perfect in this case. can't do it as I used to, before.. what is left of it is only a vague belief..

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Free will or will free?!

I'd heard that "Ignorance is bliss" before, never realized it in the context though.
Too bad, only the abstract was available. But it'd give you a general idea of the what is being talked about.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

This happens without an exception...that whenever I have exams, I feel like doing something other than studying..!(a.k.a Mental Organization, a.k.a Levels of description, or levels of conception.)

Have you ever noticed that you can consider a concept, from different levels, and it's not the same thing as having different P.O.Vs!?
Yes, as you can move around an object and change your perspective on it, use a magnifier or a microscope and watch it in a more detailed view or move away and look at it as a whole, you also can do all this with a concept (in a more mental way).
I was reading this article by Sam Harris about Free will being an illusion and it seemed so right to me. Yet, in his next article regarding the same subject, he mentioned that so many people disagreed with his opinion and even got angry about it and wanted to opt out of his mailing list because of that post!! And it made me wonder.. why something so obvious for one is so difficult to perceive for others?! On one hand, it is the different  P.O.Vs. but in this case, his account of his P.O.V. was perfectly clear and justifiable . It was something else and it brought me to this, that they see things in different zooms. For them, what he says seems unclear, even different from what they see, like a picture being zoomed-in so much that it couldn't be perceived as a whole or vica versa.

I'm asking you, if not too much trouble, whenever you are thinking of a ..rather fundamental concept, try different levels of description, as well as different P.O.V.s. You might find your beliefs more liquidy! You might also find new insights that would be hidden to you otherwise. (And try reading these two articles if you believe in any version of free will, or otherwise, without a pre-adjusted lens. You might find it interesting!)