Wednesday, 1 December 2010


I'm a new blogger, without much experience.
well, I had this blog a few years ago..but it didn't have a theme.. and I stopped writing when Yahoo 360! was closed.
It was an impulse that made me create this blog a few days ago,but, I'm looking for a theme for it..or a subject, so that it makes me think better, so that I follow one same path. I think I can learn a lot from myself here.
I think..that, there are some dimensions of 'me' hidden from myself.. I'm inside me and I can't see most of my outside,maybe here..reading what I write after a me some clue.
anyways, I think having a theme could be good for a change.
These first few blogs might not follow that to-be-decided theme.. they might not be so relevant ..I consider them an the whole thing..

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