Monday, 21 November 2011


Deconditioning from strongly-held beliefs, values, feelings.

Often feels like things are extraordinarily clear, with blinding clarity, so much so that one wants to translate the material of one's consciousness into words with metaphors and analogies (although desperately).

Alertness and sensitiveness to minute changes.

Suspension of ordinary logic without missing it. The experience has an odd logic of its own.

Synesthesia: instead of hearing the sounds, one might see or touch them, as if all senses were on a single antenna.

Time stands still, a feeling of nowness. This moment, this ecstasy, is the only time you are alive.

Change in self-concept and body image. No definite location, no rigid shape. Feeling of dissociation. You feel able to step out of the rented costume of the self you held rigidly within narrow bounds.

..As if you saw a new color, one outside of the band of the spectrum people normally see.
 Need to use the old words in wild ways, or invent a new word which communicates only to those who have seen your new color, which didn't come to you via logic but through direct contact.

These were a few effects of LSD , from the book :

LSD, Spirituality, and the creative process By Marlene Dobkin de Rios, Oscar Janiger

Of course, one might not experience all, if any, of these effects.Needless to say, as the media informs us well enough, there might be some pretty bad effects too. I didn't feel the need to Include them in here, but for whoever interested, the book is thorough on that, and there are some other resources too, available in Google Books.

..and I liked this poem too, apparently by one of the participants in an LSD experiment:

They can't touch me there
In the groins of
In the loins of 
The me, my me
Deep Within
Past mortal sin
I want to shout
What's it all about
You can't be devout. So why try?